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R Tutorial 15/02/2003


1. Getting started. .Rfirst, version 30/01/2003.

2.Graphics .Rgraphics, version 17/10/2002.

3.Hypothesis testing and model checking .Rclassics, version 17/10/2002.

4.Multivariate analysis .Rmultivariate, version 30/01/2003.

5.Generalized linear models .Rglm, version 30/01/2003.

6.Survival analysis .Rsurv, version 17/10/2002.

Additional instructions


Copy the .R* files to your working directory and use a text editor or Word to inspect them.

Several R contributed packages are necessary to run the tutorial files.
Usually, in a windows installation, they come with the package.
Please go to Jim Lindsey's homepage to pick up "rmutil" and "gnlm". Lindsey's R packages

Any further remarks or suggestions are welcome.

Put together by Tom Van Dooren, Last modification on 07/02/03.