The Road to Enlightenment

A large part of my life was spent in Antwerp (Belgium), but my roots lie in Beveren-Waas, where you could once find the best singing hairdresser, the world champion of Beveren in cycling on rollers, and the best goal keeper in the world. Nowadays my life plays in France and close to the beach in The Hague, together with A* and L*. Holland is a great place for eating herring and growing plants. France is a great place to work for the public interest and to eat 'des terroirs'.

What is This Page About?

I am CRCN researcher ("chargé de recherche classe normale") for CNRS in UMR7618, the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Paris and guest research associate at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden. This page gives an overview of my research over the past few years, and of research plans currently in development. My personal page at iEES Paris can be found here.