Curriculum Vitae

Tom Van Dooren
iEES Paris
Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)
A building - 7th floor - Case 237
7, quai Saint Bernard
75252 Paris Cedex 05


1985-1988: Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp
1989: St.-Lucas Institute for Fine Arts, Brussels
1990-1991: Military service, Military Hospital, Antwerp
1994: University of Antwerp, Graduate in Biology
2000: Ph. D. University of Antwerp, "Phenotype Recipes in Evolutionary Dynamics".

Professional Experience

07-09.1994, Leiden University, Grant from the ESF Scientific Programme on Population Biology. Project title: 'Delayed maturation in temporally structured populations with non-equilibrium dynamics'.
1994-1999, University of Antwerp Ph.D. project in Animal Ecology (supervisor Prof. E. Matthysen): 'Spatial and Temporal aspects of Life History Strategies affecting Population Structure'. Grants from FWO and IWT.
2000, University of Antwerp Post-Doc research assistant in a multidisciplinary research group at the University of Antwerp. The central study theme in the group was the relationship between morphological design, locomotory performance in different set-ups and ecology/life history.
2000-2003, Leiden University, Post-Doc in the Theoretical Evolutionary Biology section. Funded by the EU-Modlife research training network.
2003-2006, Leiden University, Tenure-track assistant-professor in Animal Ecology. Supported by a VENI grant from the Dutch NWO science foundation.
2006-2010, Leiden University, Tenured term assistant-professor in Animal Ecology.
2009-2013, NCB Naturalis, Leiden, (guest) research associate, Terrestrial Zoology.
2010-2013, UMR7625 Ecology and Evolution, Paris, CNRS CR1 researcher.
Supported by a BIOADAPT grant from ANR (2013-2016, with V Colot (PI) and O Loudet).
2014-, iEES Paris, Paris, CNRS CR1 researcher, team Phenotypic Variability and Adaptation, VPA, chef d'équipe.